23 Apr

Not sure where the last week has gone but we’ve been back from Chicago for a few days and I’m just getting to transferring the photos. We made it to Andersonville on Sunday and had a leisurely and delightful breakfast at a Swedish diner called Svea. We then spent much of the afternoon wandering the main street shops and imagining what it would be like to live in a big city neighborhood like this one.

There was plenty of inspiration in a shop called Marguerite Gardens. The place smelled fabulous and it was amazing to see so many “basics” from my garden looked so much better in clear glass containers paired with like colors. I’m not good at clipping things that I get used to seeing, so it was inspiring to see them in this light.

Probably my favorite store was Four Sided. I loved it in there and we spent a lot of time browsing. They had tons of educational alphabet cards and lots of school maps. This was all paired with whimsical modern stuff and a lot of humor.

I bought a few of these cards and have a project in mind for my son's room.

I also resisted these hilarious cardboard busts but may have to track the rhino down after all. I’ve been thinking about him.

But actually one of the best parts of this trip was being reminded that my favorite part about antiquing and flea market shopping is staying away from the places where somebody’s done the fun part already (found the stuff) and have done an amazing job merchandising and displaying their wares. Although that’s fun for inspiration . . .

From the all-inspiring, "move me in" Brimfield

For example, it was fun to see these mid-Century chairs that Jonell bought last year for $15 a piece, all hip and merchandised beautifully.

But it was most fun to send her this photo so she could relish in her find.

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