A Centerpiece pour moi

26 Apr

I was inspired the other day by this post from Mary Carol Garrity and her Nell Hill’s Blog. If you’re not familiar with Mary Carol (which is such a classic name) and her Nell Hill’s stores in both Kansas City and the original in Atchison, Kansas, you should be. Her decorating books are quick and beautiful reads. She’s a master at traditional design, and although I tend to fall in a more country eclectic vibe, I do get inspired by her talent. Specifically this photo

From the Nell Hill's Blog

got me to thinking about my small collection of garden statues. I picked up a couple goodies last year when one of our neighbors was clearing out. She was the neighbor who had overdone the garden art and the landscaping rock and the flowers and the rod iron and the bright white fence, and you get the picture. In a word, the house was over-accessorized. I walked by it all the time and dreamed of a huge “editing” session. Take out 90 percent of the schtuff and it was a nice brick house. Anyway, last year they decided to downsize and had a massive estate sale. It was fun to watch everyone do the editing for them, and I got a couple of her concrete garden statues for $25 a piece. I thought the price was decent plus it’s fun to have a little piece of that place. So I put together this little coffee table art for Easter.

The statue is meant to be part of a fountain but I find it charming on its own.

Of course, nobody ever even left the kitchen/dining room during Easter so it was a little futile, but I enjoyed putting it together and was proud of the result. The daffodils were a $10 tin at Trader Joe’s and the Violas are a $2 six-pack from the grocery store. The moss and eggs came from a craft store.

I took this photo when the light was streaming in and thought it looked pretty.


Except for that cutie watching the tube, the house looks a little junky in the background.


So even though I probably spent way too much time on this little project and even though nobody really commented on it until I forced them to, it still made me happy. And that’s really what matters. Isn’t it?

One Response to “A Centerpiece pour moi”

  1. Molly May 2, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    That looks absolutely adorable! Love it

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