One-owner home = POTENTIAL

5 May

I came across this photo today while scouring the real estate listings in my zip code. I like to stay up on what’s on the market, what homes in my area are selling for, and basically play voyeur into people’s homes. I used to be looking for myself but that’s a story for another post. Now, it’s just a hobby.

Anyway, I came across this gem just now and had to share. This was listed as a “one-owner home” and it was built in 1955.

I can't tell from the photo what is on that wallpaper but I love it.












This is quintessentially what this blog is all about. LOOK AT THIS KITCHEN! It is a riot, but guess what? There is major potential there. Yes, you could rip it all out and start fresh,  but you could also remove the little peninsula island, update the countertops, change out appliances and add molding, new pulls and paint the cabinets. Sounds like a lot of work,  but think of the outcome.

I wish, oh how I wish, I had oodles of money. I would buy this sucker up and have so much fun taking its solid bones and making something divine out of it.

Check out the bathroom.

I love that nothing has changed in this house.










I have this same master bathroom. I am sad to report that the pink tile is still there (and that tile is as solid as it gets). The master bathroom/bedroom is a last priority in our household. We did change the mirror, sink, toilet and painted the vanity but otherwise, it’s AWFULLY similar.

But back to the potential. Look at these wood floors.

Whoever ends up with this home is lucky that the fireplace is actually centered on the wall. Some of us deal with corner units and off-center situations.













Wood floors were standard in homes in the 1950s. Even though wall-t0-wall carpet was the rage, you couldn’t get FHA loans without wood floors. Thus, many of these homes have pristine wood floors under old carpet. That was the case in our upstairs. We took out all of the carpet (I think carpet’s pretty gross anyway) a few years ago, and I’d never go back.

And look at this room.

Looking onto a near 1/2 acre lot--another advantage to an older neighborhood. Good lot sizes!










I really dig this room, but I’m also so wanting a screen porch right now. This sun room could be used all year and think of how awesome it could look  with a sisal rug, white-painted wood trim, comfy furniture and warm lighting.

All it takes, People, is vision . . . vision! Do you have it?

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