The Pink Pantry

13 May

In our 1950s home we do not have a kitchen pantry. When we moved in 10 years ago, I had my contractor add shelves to a kitchen broom closet and lived with that for a few years. Eventually, I even bought the little wire pull-out “drawers” so it was a little more functional.

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Two years ago we got bids to renovate the kitchen, the main floor and the entire outside of the house including a new front porch. We couldn’t afford to do it all at once and decided to make the curb appeal the priority. Anyway, I told my husband I would live with the existing kitchen for a few more years but I definitely needed more storage.

I started looking for an armoire or a cabinet or something to use in the interim and found this:

Yes, it was REALLY Cotton Candy pink.

SomeTHING was wrong with it (besides the color). I think it had a crack somewhere because it was like $500 for a solid, Stanley Furniture piece. Here it is in a stylized shot and in a new, coral color.  It’s truly a really solid piece of furniture.

I think this is the update from Cotton Candy pink.


















So, much to MM’s chagrin, I brought it home and it took up his garage space for a good four months. It was dark in there, the lighting was bad, and I  needed better weather to get it painted the color I wanted.

Eventually the weather turned warmer. I researched some waxing paint techniques and painted part of it with a turquoise (I can’t remember the name exactly) from Ace Hardware. We then bought a paint sprayer (which also came in handy to stain the kids’ playset) and painted the whole thing India Black by Ace Hardware.


See. It holds a ton. PS - I don't buy mass quantities of Cheezits. That's MM. He thinks we have 8 kids.










































It’s really served its purpose well. We use it. The kids slam the doors. The hardware has gotten beat up a bit, but I still love it. And as we think about truly renovating the kitchen I wonder what I can do with this awesome piece of furniture. I love the look of furniture in kitchens. It’s pretty European. Perhaps I will incorporate it in what we do . . . who knows? For now, I dig it.






One Response to “The Pink Pantry”

  1. Molly June 7, 2011 at 12:20 pm #

    That looks amazing. We need to come over soon to check it out : )

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