31 Days of . . .

1 Oct

So it’s October 1 and I’ve got an experiment. The Nester introduced the 31 Days concept and I thought “it’s either now or never.” I’m committed to writing for 31 days, and at the end of it, I’m going to decide whether to keep this blog going or hang it up for another day.

I won’t be mad at myself or disappointed either if the answer is “hang it up.” But I think I need the 31 days to decide.

So my 31 days? Thirty-one days of progress. I have a list I started of house projects. Clever little things I intend to get done–ideas that are good but are going to take some effort to get accomplished. And with two littles at home, work every day, and other commitments, I make very small, sporadic dents in my little list. And I think I’m very scattered when it comes to the things needed to get the things done. I’ll go to the fabric store and start thinking of my curtains that I want for the living room, then I’ll see some other fabric and think that would work great to recover that chair, then I’ll see some other that I like and think “what can I do with that?” And I leave with more ideas to add to the list and very little accomplished.

So I’m going to just going to pick a project (not necessarily the top of the list) but just one and work on that and get that accomplished so I can mark it off and move on to the next.

So here’s to progress . . . and blogging. 🙂

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