A Wild Hammock Chair

3 Oct

So I’ve had an old hammock chair sitting in the garage for the past three or four years. I have another one that is in decent condition that has sat on my front porch throughout the summer.  I love the look of these chairs (fully expect them to come back in fashion soon). They are comfortable, compatible and cute.

I had purchased this fabric for yet another clever project on my list.

I love it and thought it would be adorable on the chair sitting on my porch throughout the fall. I think I was subconsciously inspired by my favorite flip-flops.

They are the most comfortable, versatile shoes that I wear all summer. They seriously go with everything and I’ve looked for replacements and they don’t make this pattern anymore. 😦

So what frame color? I thought a true Kelly green would be cute. I had something specific in mind but finding the right spray paint can be difficult. I picked up this at Home Depot.

The color is too Christmasy and not what I was looking for. I started to think about just getting some canned paint and tracking down our paint-sprayer from one of the neighbors. That would certainly make for two or three days of posts–me working with the paint sprayer and extend this one project throughout the month of October . . . but then I found this color at Joann’s.

It’s definitely more expected and trendier than I was originally thinking, but I think it’s going to work perfectly. It’s called Ivy Leaf but it definitely reads good old-fashioned Pea Green to me (not a name a marketer is going to use on a can).

Thankfully we’ve been having beautiful weather, so this is the week to get the sanding and spraying done. Stay tuned.

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