10 Things I Love

These 10 Things Influence My Style

  1. Magazines. Magazines. Magazines. They are one of life’s simplest pleasures.
  2. Hand-painted tole trays. I always wonder about the person who painted them.
  3. Red . . . particularly “barn” red (more of a blue red than an orange red).
  4. Chippy painted pieces. I believe the well-worn stuff really does add charm.
  5. Vintage signs. They encompass two of my loves—advertising and typography.
  6. Antique dressers, chests and pie safes with curvy lines and my dry sink with its barn red water pump.
  7. Humor. Adding something quirky, irreverent or out of place adds personality to a room.
  8. Robin’s Egg Blue. Yes, pretty trendy right now, but I do likey.
  9. Vintage metal trays. They are cheap, colorful and unique wall art.
  10. Lifestyle Blogs . . . what a brilliant use of technology.

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